Saturday, July 23, 2016

Event 2

Crocker Art Museum Event #2
Desma 9
July 2016

Mindful Meditation was an interesting exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum since I had just learned about meditation and art a few short weeks ago. The Museum had a great exhibit by artist David Ligare. They offered a month-long course on meditation in the gallery, which enabled people to come once a week to meet Dennis Warren, a nearby professor from U.C. Davis to learn techniques of meditating through slow art. During the course students would view selected works of art for an extended period of time while using mindful meditation techniques. The idea is to focus on one piece of art with eyes open and then closed, but still keeping the image of the art in your head in order to train both the concentration and visualization powers of your mind. “To meditate through art is to be fully present with the artwork and to initiate a meaningful conversation between one’s own mind and heart and that of the artist”. (Warren)

The museum had a collection of coloring books for sale to go along with this exhibit. The books contained amazing intricate patterns and designs of flowers, butterflies, shapes, and several animals. These are not coloring books for kids, they are too detailed and it would be difficult for a child to stay within the lines. These coloring books are meant to be used as a meditative exercise. They provided some samples to try out, I haven’t colored probably since I was about five years old. But, as I started coloring I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to finish the page. I found it to be relaxing and that it increased my mindfulness because I was extra careful not to go outside the lines or mess up my color pattern. “Coloring is a great way to introduce yourself to the concept of mindfulness,” Tiddy Rowan, author of The Little Book Of Mindfulness and Color Yourself Calm tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle. “The interesting thing about mindfulness is that it’s got no allegiance to any spiritual or religious beliefs, it’s about the self, I think that’s perhaps key to the popularity of these coloring books.” (Moss) As discussed previously in our Neuroscience and Art week, researchers at U.C.L.A. have found that mindfulness can increase attention and focus, lower blood pressure, and help those that suffer from anxiety or depression.

Coloring books for sale in Crocker Art Museum to help create mindfulness.

Overall I thought the Crocker Art Museum was pleasant. It is one of the smaller museums I have been to, but has some interesting pieces of work, especially the Glass for the New Millennium exhibit. Not only are there exquisite and amazing artworks made of glass, the museum offers a glass blowing class that offers a hands on glass art experience. One of the unique features of the Crocker Art Museum is that there are many different art classes available to the community. I would recommend this museum to anyone visiting or living in the Sacramento area of all ages, including children because there is a great interactive fun area for kids in the basement of the museum. It
is also very close to Old Sacramento and the Capitol which could make for a great day.


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